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What is Excel Services?

What is Excel Services?

Excel Services is a server technology bundled in MS SharePoints from 2007 and so forth. This tool enables users to load, calculate, and display the excel report SharePoints server and dashboard. The recent MS SharePoints in the market now is the 2013 verision.

The end users can view, edit, and search the workboos by only a web browser lively. Furthermore, the Excel Services is also support the workbook that is connected with external database.

The workbook author can design certain cells to be the editable parameter the users is able to input certain values for the run-time calculations. However, the author hold the authorization of which cells to be editable for the end-users. Furthermore, if the users has installed MS Excel and has permission to the data, they can download the report and edit later in their own PCs or laptops.

Excel Services consist three components which are linked together to display interactive excel workbooks via internet which are

Excel Calculation Services

The calculation services for the shared workbooks are done by the this component in the MS Sharepoints Servers. It responsible for calculations that used to be done by the MS Excel in the offline computer. It is the reason why the end-users will only have to access the workboos via the web browsers.

Excel Web Access

This component is responsible for displaying the workboos in the web browsers. It use Dynamic Hierarchical Tag Markup Language (DHTML) and JavaScript. Excel Web Access is a web part that can be re-use in any page on the web without need to donwload MS ActiveX control.

Excel Web Services

This is an application programming interface (API) that can be used to build custom application based on Excel workbooks.

Excel Services is simple to be operated both for the author and the end users as it has simple but powerful feature. Excel is the authoring tool and Excel Services is the authoring tool. In this manner, the authors use the Excel to create the report and set parameters for certain cells to be customized by the end-users. Then, the authors save their work in the SharePoints sites to be used by the end users.

What is Excel Services?

What is Excel Services?

What is The Benefit of Excel Services?

Sharing and collectively edit or revise the business report in excel form somehow can be a complicated thing in business. Excel Services is an answer to make sharing, edit, and revise excel report more easier and effective as the users only have to post the report in the sharepoint and let other members of the organization see, edit, and revise it lively.

However setting up the network of excel services for the whole company can be a bit difficult. Get an external support from experienced company like Xadat.com will help you save your time and have more efficient business.

How Xadat technology can help you?

Xadat.com is a dedicated and experienced IT outsourcing company. We are ready help our clients to handle their IT related Issues including Excel Serivices. We offer technical consultation on the Excel Service set up, training program of advance excel skill and so forth.





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