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What is BusinessObjects?

What is BusinessObjects?

SAP Business Objects which also known for its acronym BO and BOBJ is an enterprise software company based on United States and France which is owned by German company SAP AG since 2007. BO specialize itself in building business intelligence software for the enterprises. BusinessObject is a popular name among the enterprises and BO itself claims that its software have been used in 46,000 customers worldwide.

Its widely popular product is BusinessObject XI that is able to handle diverse range of management data processing, reporting, planning. Furthermore, BusinessObject also offers various business intelligence software. BusinessObject also offers consulting and education services for its customers to help them in using its software and other business intelligence related aspects.

What is BusinessObjects?

What is BusinessObjects?


What is the history of BusinessObjects?

Business Objects was founded by Bernard Liautaud along with his co-founder Denis Payre in 1990. The company went for IPO public in 1994 and listed in NASDAQ. The company was acquired by German company of SAP AG in 2007 and fully operated under SAP AG since 2007.

How BusinessObjects Software works?

SAP BusinessObjects is a software that helps it users to view, sort and analyze business intelligence data. BusinessObjects works along with SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) which perform high volume of operational and transactional data in real time. BusinessObjects offers the BusinessObjects Predictive analytic which is HANA ready. Thus the customers can choose whether use both software’s of standalone Business Objects.

The software uses a business intelligence of semantic layer from corporate database to avoid technical issues regarding the data which is called Universe. The software also handle the data sharing aspect in which the users can choose the data from any timeframe. Furthermore, the software also keeping the company’s data safe and stay up-to-date.

What are the BusinessObjects software?

There are wide variety of BusinesObjects software that focus on providing business intelligence support for its customers such as: SAP Crystal Tools, Enterprise Information Management, Office Analysis and so forth.

Why is BusinessObject Essential for Business?

The software was made to respond the necessity of the business for the comprehensive and easy to access corporate data. The most essential impact of this software to the companies is its ability to handle technical issue regarding the data base and make it easy for the members of the companies to access the data anytime and anywhere. This software also makes the data easier to be shared and understood while keep it safe and updated. In conclusion, this software is a powerful tool improve the efficiency and productivity of the companies.

What is Certain Difficulties in Operating BusinessObject?

Despite its powerfulness, BusinessObjects also contains potential difficulties for the users especially in the data network set-up which requires advance technical skills.

What can Xadat.com do for you?

Xadat.com offers consultation and support service to help its clients deal with the difficulties in operating BusinessObjects. Xadat.com not only provides support for standalone BusinessObjects difficulties but also covers various aspects of Business Intelligence. In order to support its services, Xadat.com also offers flexible services packages and responsive mobile and on the sport consultation.


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