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What is BusinessObjects Dashboard?

What is BusinessObjects Dashboard?

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard (formerly known as Xcelcius) or also known as BO Dashboard is an interactive interface by BusinessObjects. BO Dashboard allows its users to export BO data and external reports from excel spreadsheets and other external resources in to the dashboard. The dashboard then transforms the data into interesting visualization. SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard can work as standalone software or being combined with the other software from BusinessObjects’ Business Intelligence software.

BusinessObjects Dashboard

BusinessObjects Dashboard

Who are BusinessObjects Dashboard’s users?

Even though the dashboard is built for corporate users, this software is also suitable for any organizations to display their data effectively. For corporate users, this service is powerful to export their raw data into effective data presentation which is essential to analyze and predict their business. However, this software is also effective for non-corporates such as academia and bureaucrat make their essential data easier to understand.

How BusinessObject Dashboard Works?

BusinessObject Development Dashboard display the raw data into interactive displays. BO dashboard uses various source of data both from BusinessObject made software, excel, and online data from internet. The users will have to choose the data source to be displayed in the dashboard, set up and customize the dashboard. Furthermore, the dashboard also can be set up to updated the information automatically when one or more data sources are updated.

What are the characteristics of BusinessObject Dashboard?

This dashboard is designed to meet the recent requirements of business dashboard which are:

  • Visual and functional
  • Interactive
  • Flexible in deployment
  • Inspirational
  • Easy to design
  • Personalizable
  • Scalable for many users.
What are the key features of BusinessObjects Dashboard?
  • Interactive visual models. There are diverse menus, tools and prebuild component to present the data clearly and dynamically in order to make it easier to understand by the viewers
  • Personalizable Dashboard. The dashboard can be personalized depending the needs of its users. The users can customize the dashboard to make it more interactive and interesting to the audiences.
  • Live data connectivity. The dashboard can be linked to the external data sources virtually by internet connections. This features make the dashboard will automatically update the information.
  • What-if analysis. The dashboard also provides predictive features to predict in certain situations.


  • Secure data access. The dashboard also has comprehensive feature make sure the security of the dashboard. The dashboard can be set up to authorize only certain people to access the admin features of the dashboard.
What are the benefits of BusinessObjects Dashboard?

There are diverse benefits offered by the use of BusinessObjects Dashboards for its users. However, there are three key benefits of this dashboard:

  • Improve agility and competitive advantage
  • Better Business Performance
  • Stronger Corporate Security


How Xadat.com can help you?

BusinessObjects Dashboard is powerful tool for the corporate data management. However, the building and designing processes of the dashboard can be complicated for some people. In this regard, XADAT.NL Big Data Service offers comprehensive consulting service to help its customers in designing and setting up the dashboard. XADAT.NL also offers comprehensive support for the various issues related to Business Intelligence.

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