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Xadat is a leading provider of business intelligence and big data analytics.

Our clientele learn through ongoing use of the BI systems, allowing ease of strategically analysing large amounts of historical data, to formulate an accurate strategic plan.

The use of our bi dashboards allow managers to make better decisions, our developers allow for design, build and maintain the dashboards of our clients remotely, as well as onsite, with ease.

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Xadat provides clients ease of connectivity between software developers and systems, utilising the latest technology available in the market, SAP (BI, BW, BO) and Microsoft products (Office, SQL Server, Share Point).

Supporting our clients by providing remote and onsite maintenance, 24/7  for their systems, to design, build and maintain, performance reports and BI Dashboards.

The benefits of outsourcing (RPO) and business process outsourcing(BPO), using the connectivity between clients and software developers, reduces ongoing business related costs of system development.






Technology and the economic market are constantly changing. BI tools can help organise better decision making for the future. Clients utilising the historical data and dashboard, allows high performance analysing in the current market and changes the internal and external business environment.

Analysing this data is better for making short and long term decisions for the company, which would provide the opportunity for the organisation to grow.

Using the dashboard will help support the formulation of strategies that will allow your business to grow and be sustainable in the long term.


XADAT.BG Improve HR service delivery and develop and acquire talent. Saving Money Through Outsourcing HR Business Processes.

Xadat is a global leader in innovative talent management solutions in the areas of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)