sap online training sap training courses for beginners
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sap online training sap training courses for beginners 5/5 (1)

sap online training sap training courses for beginners


What Will I Learn during this sap online training?

  1. By the completion of this online training course, you will be fully versed, and capable of working with SAP systems.
  2. Learn the basics of the SAP system with clear video demonstrations
  3. Learn how to navigate, search, and get help
  4. Understand how to run reports and export the data to Microsoft Excel
  5. You will get a thorough Overview of the various core modules in SAP
  6. Learn how to customise the SAP User Interface to your own liking
  7. Work with master data and post transactions
  8. Apply advanced tips such as Pre-Populating fields to save you time and effort with Parameter ID’s
  9. Work with report layouts and drill-down
  10. Understand common icons in SAP
  11. Work with multiple sessions
  12. Customise your local layout and desktop shortcuts
  13. Identify the characteristics of sub-ledgers — accounts receivable, accounts payable, and asset accounting
  14. Identify the organizational structures of cost accounting, such as controlling areas, country-specific charts of accounts, and controlling objects


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