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What is SAP BW?

SAP Business Warehouse is the cornerstone of SAP’s strategic enterprise data warehouse solutions and runs on industry standard RDBMS and SAP’s HANA in-memory DBMS. The main features of SAP BW are reporting, analysis and interpretation of business data. This is critical to preserving and enhancing the competitive edge of organizations by optimizing operations and enabling them to react very fast to meet market requirements. With SAP BW, you can integrate, transform and consolidate relevant business data from SAP application and external various data sources. SAP BW’s infrastructure is high performance which helps in the evaluation and interpretation of data and the making of smart, well-informed decisions.

SAP BW is a combination of databases and database management tools that are used to support business executives’ decision making. Its structure is typical of data warehouses, but also has preconfigured data extractors, analysis, report tools and business process models. Other features include:

  • Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs)
  • Preconfigured business content
  • Integrated OLAP processor
  • Automated data extraction and loading routines
Risk management

Risk management

Metadata repository, administrative tools, multiple languages support and Business Explorer are yet several other features of SAP BW.

What are the benefits of SAP BW?

With SAP BW, you can quickly capture, store and consolidate crucial data with real-time data warehouse platform. There are four main benefits you get from SAP BW:

  • Supercharging of your data warehouse environment powered by SAP HANA
  • Complete view into your business’ data by opening your data warehouse environment
  • Easing administration tasks and reducing IT workloads for a lower TCO
  • Giving power to your workforce with real-time access to data

What SAP BW tools are there?

SAP BW includes comprehensive tools, business processes and functions for access and visualization. They enable the business executive working with SAP BW to show the detailed information gathered by him along with extensive planning data and business data analysis. The data can be presented in any work environment such as web based data or Microsoft Excel.


SAP BW tools provide flexible distribution of the most vital data to all people responsible for decision making. It also provides extensive security tools that ensure the data is exposed only to the correct people with the valid credentials. The critical data of the company is always under protection. Example SAP BW tools:

  • Process Chain Analysis
  • Detailed Request Analysis
  • Aggregate Toolset
  • Infoprovider BPPO Analysis


What advantages does SAP BW provide?

There are four main advantages to using SAP BW in your organization:

  1. Gives competitive edge to your corporation
  2. Optimizes the business’ processes and accesses the most crucial and most relevant information pertaining to the most critical aspects of the organization within seconds
  3. Allows your business to integrate data from several SAP modules, transform it into a more legible and easily understandable form and consolidate data from various sources in a concentrated manner
  4. Provides high performance infrastructure that allows evaluation and interpretation of complex data, simplifying it and deciphering its meaning


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Mondy Holten, SAP BI Consultant


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