SAP BI BW Source systems
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SAP BI BW Source systems No ratings yet.

SAP BI BW Source systems

Examples of  SAP BI BW Source systems:

  • SAP HCM – Human resource data
  • SAP FICO – Financial Data
  • SAP SCM – Supply chain management data

Other Source systems

  • Data (bases) from other suppliers
  • Data (bases) from web stores
  • Excel Files



DBMS Vendor Type Primary Market
Access (Jet, MSDE) Microsoft R Desktop
Adabas D Software AG R Enterprise
Adaptive Server Anywhere Sybase R Mobile/Embedded
Adaptive Server Enterprise Sybase R Enterprise
Advantage Database Server Extended Systems R Mobile/Enterprise
Datacom Computer Associates R Enterprise
DB2 Everyplace IBM R Mobile
Filemaker FileMaker Inc. R Desktop
IDMS Computer Associates R Enterprise
Ingres ii Computer Associates R Enterprise
Interbase Inprise (Borland) R Open Source
MySQL Freeware R Open Source
NonStop SQL Tandem R Enterprise
Pervasive.SQL 2000 (Btrieve) Pervasive Software R Embedded
Pervasive.SQL Workgroup Pervasive Software R Enterprise (Windows 32)
Progress Progress Software R Mobile/Embedded
Quadbase SQL Server Quadbase Systems, Inc. Relational Enterprise
R:Base R:Base Technologies Relational Enterprise
Rdb Oracle R Enterprise
Red Brick Informix (Red Brick) R Enterprise (Data Warehousing)
SQL Server Microsoft R Enterprise
SQLBase Centura Software R Mobile/Embedded
SUPRA Cincom R Enterprise
Teradata NCR R VLDB (Data Warehousing)
YARD-SQL YARD Software Ltd. R Enterprise
TimesTen TimesTen Performance Software R In-Memory
Adabas Software AG XR Enterprise
Model 204 Computer Corporation of America XR VLDB
UniData Informix (Ardent) XR Enterprise
UniVerse Informix (Ardent) XR Enterprise
Cache’ InterSystems OR Enterprise
Cloudscape Informix OR Mobile/Embedded
DB2 IBM OR Enterprise/VLDB
Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Informix OR Enterprise
Informix Extended Parallel Server Informix OR VLDB (Data Warehousing)
Oracle Lite Oracle OR Mobile
Oracle 8I Oracle OR Enterprise
PointBase Embedded PointBase OR Embedded
PointBase Mobile PointBase OR Mobile
PointBase Network Server PointBase OR Enterprise
PostgreSQL Freeware OR Open Source
UniSQL Cincom OR Enterprise
Jasmine ii Computer Associates OO Enterprise
Object Store Exceleron OO Enterprise
Objectivity DB Objectivity OO VLDB (Scientific)
POET Object Server Suite Poet Software OO Enterprise
Versant Versant Corporation OO Enterprise
Raima Database Manager Centura Software RN Mobile/Embedded
Velocis Centura Software RN Enterprise/Embedded
Db.linux Centura Software RNH Open Source/Mobile/Embedded Centura Software RNH Open Source/Mobile/Embedded
IMS DB IBM H Enterprise

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