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sap software

Introduction to sap Software

SAP (Systems, Applications & Products) is a multinational software corporation based in Germany. The software they create is specifically targeted to help optimize business operations, investigate markets and business risks and improve customer relations.


What is sap?

sap is a software system support public and private organisations with the daily business processes for different industrustries, banking, insurance, Retail, and Telecommunication


Amongst the various business domains and needs, for which SAP is a preferred software provider are the following:

  •   Customer Relationship Management
  •   Logistics Software sectors
  •   Supply Chain management
  •   Marketing utilities
  •   Manufacturing

For almost a decade, sap has been a global leader in providing business-oriented software solutions. However the sheer abundance of tools they provide makes it a challenging task for businesses to decide which ones suit their needs well, let alone find consultants that are specialized in configuring, integrating and operating the software.


Top 10 SAP Software tools to consider in 2015

Throughout the years the German giant has completed numerous acquisitions, effectively leading to a superbly flamboyant sap software toolset. Amongst those are multiple tools for data discovery and visualization, Business intelligence platforms, as well as dashboard and reporting tools. There are multiple tools of each kind, and each piece of software brings something new to the table. Here is our top 10 list in no particular order:

  •      Crystal Reports (reporting)
  •      Web Intelligence (reporting)
  •      Desktop Intelligence (a desktop-based predecessor to Web intelligence)
  •      Xcelsius Dashboards
  •      Design Studio (dashboard)
  •      Visual Intelligence
  •      BusinessObjects Explorer and Analysis
  •      sap ERP
  •      SAP Business Warehouse
  •      SAP Hana


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Business Intelligence Training

Benefits of SAP Software solutions

Depending on scale and business needs, benefits can vary. However, trusting a highly reputable company on the SAP Software tool selection job ensures prosperity and satisfaction.

Xadat can help you with this task, effectively leading to success similar to that of many satisfied customers. Here is a list of advantages of using SAP Software:

  •       SAP provides the most advanced levels of integration with other software components
  •       SAP Software can combine multiple business processes and turn them into a complete functional chain in which every department has access to only the relevant and highly-customized information
  •       Due to the above, SAP is the most cost efficient piece of software in terms of human resources
  •       SAP Software is user friendly
  •       SAP provides premium support


How does one decide which tools are needed for a particular business?


Again, making an informed decision can be a daunting task. Without prior exposure to all (or at least most) of them it is only a guessing game.

However, Xadat 8 years of experience in the field can make this task easier, and its results – spot on. When it comes to business intelligence our team can make a special SAP Software selection based on:


  •   Business needs
  •   Staff expertise and experience
  •   Company budget
  •   Predefined timeframes
  •   Preferred platforms (Windows desktop based, web, mobile, etc)
  •   Market niche specifics
  •   And last but equally important, employee style of work preferences

This way the vast number of Business intelligence tools will actually bring the needed variety to suit everyone’s needs – and can ensure that your goals are well met.


If you are interested in services related to software selection for Business intelligence SAP Software, please check out the contact section below. We can guarantee that our high levels of professionalism and deep knowledge can drive your business forward. We have experience working with SAP BusinessObjects software since 20078 so you will be in safe hands.



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Crystal Reports Training

Often times studied on its own, the Crystal Reports software is another market leader in its niche. Its seamless integration with both Java Enterprise Edition solutions and Microsoft’s very own Visual Studio makes it an easy choice for most corporations. While the recent questionable modifications to its Terms and Conditions might discourage new customers from adopting and integrating this solution, legacy software systems alone make up for the majority of the market so the demand is unlikely to fall drastically.  On another note, you can watch now a free Crystal Reports training.

The Crystal Reports courses can be successfully targeted to software developers and database administrators.

Quality Crystal Reports courses would be crafted in a way that introduces even the least experienced employee to report creation in an easy to understand way. Meanwhile though, people with experience using Jasper Reports or Microstrategy should not feel like their time is being wasted.

The reporting solution by SAP provides many little tweaks and useful tools that make it unique amongst the others – so simply forgetting about the middle layer of abstraction would not make a Microstrategy specialist a Crystal reports professional – user training is a must.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.x and Design Studio training

Professionals from various levels in the corporate hierarchy can benefit from Dashboards training. The ability to create engaging interactive dashboards can help not only business analysts do their jobs more efficiently. Please click here to sign up for a free web seminar on the subject.

Now, it is also suitable for managers and decision makers who might consider integrating the dashboards and their easily understandable and intuitive charts, graphs and widgets into their presentations for greater access to clear and understandable metrics. Not only does this make presentations more involving, it also helps testing out and predicting the outcomes of actions in future business scenarios.

SAP Dashboards has been considered as vastly superior to SAP Design Studio due to its ease of use and aesthetic appeal. However the flexibility that Design Studio provides makes it an important addition to the Dashboards software – and more often than not, user training courses are taken on both pieces of software in conjunction.

SAP Web Intelligence and Business Intelligence Information design tools and Universe design tools courses

While these tools make up a big portion of the SAP Business Objects suite, the courses on them are often times less than a week long. This once again suggests quick returns on the time, money and effort invested by trainees. A Business Intelligence specialist can help you in using web intelligence tools and be very effective at it.

Web courses on those are also available, and feedback on them has been mostly positive. Finding a good provider of such training is simple and the competition in the training niche is fierce – leading to outstanding quality.


It only makes sense for a big corporation that uses data extensively to make use of a great product suite such as SAP Business Objects. Since specific product knowledge is required with the vast majority of tools, Business Objects user training is in high demand. Suitable courses are widely available and acclaimed, and the overall small amounts of time required to take them, make them a great investment for corporate team leaders and employees alike.

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How can Xadat Help you?

Implementing SAP BW on SAP HANA can be a difficult task. We can help you with all the preparation steps:

  1. Creating a homogenous system
  2. Cleanup of your current system
  3. Implementation of new and additional tools


Mondy Holten, SAP BI Consultant

NL +31629446309


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