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What are Business Intelligence Jobs and where to find them


What exactly is a Business Intelligence consultant?

Well, in short it is a person who is there to help companies adopt and learn new strategies for organizing data/information. Their main goal is to help corporations manage data and they do this by setting up new software and tweaking existing systems.

People withBusiness Intelligence Jobs need both technical knowledge and business know-how.  They need to improve efficiency, boost profits. This can be done by increasing sales and reducing operating costs. Most professionals work for private consulting firms, but some experts are self-employed freelance contractors.

How to find business intelligence consulting jobs?

The pay for these professions is really high, which obviously means that they are sought after.

However these jobs are also complex and exhausting. So very few professionals can handle the pressure and become such specialists.

Setting up systems is not the only responsibility in this sphere. Even after all systems have been set up, consulting jobs require user training. Employee training is important, too. Here is a list of responsibilities:

Set up data systems

Train new employees

Modify existing software and data systems

Analyze and come up with ideas that improve efficiency and costs

Supervise other business intelligence specialists

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What do experienced consultants do?

An experienced consultant has many possible paths for career advancement. Some workers actually create jobs because they become supervisors. Becoming a lead consultant also helps with that. Both of these perform more administrative duties. However their hands-on projects are also fewer.

With just a few years of experience supervisors can even start their own businesses. Business intelligence consulting jobs give you the opportunity to become independent. However this also brings responsibilities. Amongst these are meeting with clients, setting up appointments. You should also know how to explain the benefits of creating more business intelligence consulting jobs and bringing more appointments.

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How well paid are consultant jobs

When it comes to any type of consultants, the salaries are largely dependent on negotiation. This is why pointing out a specific number is somewhat difficult.

However there are figures that can be considered a minimum. Mind you, these figures are more than satisfactory. These largely depend on location. For the United Kingdom, the bare minimum can be 40000 GBP per year. Not only that, but this is the salary for a small town. In London, you can get much more. And again, this is just the minimum.

In the USA, these jobs are also extremely well paid. In southern states, 70000 USD per annum is considered the bare minimum. In the north you can get double that. And if you consider this is just the lowest you can go, you can figure out that six-digits are the standard.

However these digits are nothing compared to the reduced costs and increased profits of companies where these specialists work. Click here to upload available jobs in your company.


Business intelligence consulting jobs are well paid but also bring many responsibilities. However there are multiple paths that consultants can choose for their career. Some continue working on projects with higher complexity that pay more. Others prefer to create jobs by starting their own companies. Some become supervisors. There is enough variety and pay, so all you need to do is put in the work. Visit our website for a list of available BI specialists.


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