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What is ETL?

ETL stands for Extracting-Transforming-Loading. In essence, this is the process of:

  • Locating the data in a source or multiple sources – Extracting
  • Altering the data in a way that is suitable for the target data warehouse – Transforming
  • Inserting the transformed data into the target database - Loading

Without ETL, data cannot be put into good use, and cannot be easily accessed and taken advantage of, in order to help take important business decisions.



What is ETL testing?

ETL testing is the process of verifying that the ETL process has passed successfully, in a way that matches business requirements and does not hinder third party solutions or system performance. Amongst the multiple responsibilities of people into ETL testing are the following:

  • Making sure that all business requirements and rules have been complied with
  • Verifying that all projected data is present in the data warehouse after the process is over – with no loss of any portions of needed data
  • Ensuring that invalid data is correctly dealt with – this could be the assignment of proper default values or error reporting
  • Observing and diagnosing performance impact and overall performance of the final data format


Why is ETL testing so necessary?

It is thanks to ETL testing, that the chance of new data warehouse malfunction, business-incompatible poor performance and unexpected responses to errors is brought down to a bare minimum.

Any of the above can be devastating for any sort of business and the risk of not testing properly is never justified.

What types of bugs can be dealt with thanks to Extract Transformation Loading services?

Calculation bugs and source bugs are amongst the most commonly found ones. Generally, it is a bad idea to leave developers conduct the testing for themselves – because often seeing those types of incorrect behavior constantly during the developing process makes the developer not pay attention to the fact that they are, indeed – bugs. While this does not happen when they lead to a full system crash, most of the times the problem does not reveal itself that obviously. Instead it leads to an alteration of business scenarios that is extremely hard to find on production environments.

User interface bugs and performance inefficiencies are also amongst the most commonly found bugs. While these can be properly assessed by developers, too, the fact that ETL testers are a necessity (for the reasons mentioned above) makes it so that people responsible for Extract Transformation Loading testing are also the people to find and propose solutions to those. This way developers can focus on what they do best – so hiring specialists in ETL testing can also increase the productivity of your other staff.

How can Xadat help with ETL testing?

Xadat can deliver experts in ETL testing to any interested company. For more information about our services please check out our contacts below, and our website.

ETL Testing

ETL Testing




Mondy Holten, SAP BI Consultant


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