business intelligence wiki
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business intelligence wiki

business intelligence wiki, advantages of business intelligence

business intelligence wiki

business intelligence wiki

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advantages of business intelligence

business intelligence wiki. What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is a technology-driven process for analysis data and doing actionable information to help business managers corporate executives, and other end users make more knowledgeable business decisions. BI (Business Intelligence) encompasses a variety of methodologies, applications and tools that enable organizations to receive data from external origins and internal systems, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data to create reports, data visualizations and dashboards to make the analytical results available to corporate decision makers as well as operational workers.


business intelligence wiki. advantages of business intelligence ? 

Business Intelligence is being used by more and more companies as it can improve the bottom line by better decision-making. Is Business Intelligence something that you and your organization need - and would you benefit from it?

If you can approve one or several of these seven questions - if the answer is yes – and Business Intelligence can be considered in your company as well:


  1. Do you experience too much information, but not enough insight – or do you lack information to make the right decisions?
  2. Do you spend a lot of time discussing the accuracy validity of your reporting?
  3. Are you unsure about the key indicators on which you base your decisions are correct or whether they are up to date?
  4. Do you spend a lot of time structuring and finding the required information?
  5. Are you “drowning in spreadsheets” and do you find it time-consuming and difficult to integrate and consolidate data?
  6. Do you find it complicated to conduct ad-hoc analyses yourself?
  7. Is information not accessible easily for those who need it - or is access dependent on one or two key persons?


business intelligence wiki, advantages of business intelligence and BI goals 

IT department can not develop custom management reports fast enough
IT has become a bottleneck to develop custom reports
One single point access to manage data
Measure and manage daily business activities
Enable users Self-services BI


advantages of business intelligence for IT

Reduce manual report development
Replace a legacy reporting system
Without a DWH, a significant amount of business logic is built into each individual report


advantages of business intelligence for Sales

Improve client loyalty, for example: client purchases by channel, client sales over time, client who buy both products A and B. Also manage product prices, such as: retail price versus manufacturing costs and price trend over time

business intelligence wiki, advantages of business intelligence for Supply chain

Improve On-time Delivery, for example: Number/volume shipments shipped by requested date, ratio of number of days of sales versus inventory fulfill those sales (DSI), inventory levels for top-selling products, number of early, ontime and late orders over time

business intelligence wiki, advantages of business intelligence for Finance

Reduce aging of accounts receivable, for each Cash flow analysis, Gross margin analysis, Actual expenses versus budget

business intelligence wiki, advantages of business intelligence for HR

Reduce employee turnover, Salary versus job level, job history, market salaries, illness, training costs, travel costs


business intelligence wiki, What is Business Object?

SAP BusinessObjects delivers reporting, performance management, query and analysis and enterprise information management tools.

      • Crystal reports for Enterprise, for high-fidelity production-style reports, developed by BusinessObjects Consultants
      • Dashboard Design for dashboards developed by IT or power users
      • Web Intelligence Rich Client for reports that need to be access offline or for access to personal data sources
    1. Increased collaboration across business units


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