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ing. Mondy Holten

Business Intelligence Analyst  


  1. About XADAT

1.1. Business Intelligence & Business Intelligence Tools Training

1.2. Problem!

  1. Retrain for a New Job or Career
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Job oppertunities after this course

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Course overview


Book (s):



What is Business Intelligence Tools?

Which activities will you do in this course?

  1. Learning Goals Business Intelligence Tools

Assessment criteria:

  1. Level Course Business Intelligence Tools
  2. Time line Business Intelligence Tools
  3. Learning Outcomes of the course
  4. Prerequisites and co-requisites
  5. Recommended optional programme components
  6. Mandatory Source and Literature
  7. Assessment and evaluation
  1. Study load

Activity Hours Business Intelligence Tools

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  1. Price Course per session

400 euro, excluded VAT

  1. Timeline

This course takes 4 sessions. 1 session is 4 hours

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Problem 1:

Demand for data experts to double by 2017

Problem 2:

Unemployment rate in the EU zone area: 11.5%

1. About XADAT

XADAT stands for eXperts Analyzing Business Intelligence Tools Technology. We provide 2 services

  • Training in Big Business Intelligence Tools and BI
  • Consulting in Big Business Intelligence Tools and BI


1.1. Business Intelligence & Business Intelligence Tools Training

XADAT provides a variety of business course options to help you get the most out of ERP system, based on the experience of XADAT staff and partners around the world.


1.2. Problem!


  • Demand for data experts to double by 2017
  • Unemployment rate in the EU zone area: 11.5%
  • Most Technology universities don’t teach their students up-to-date courses
  • Old study techniques and methodics
  • Old study material
  • Degree of students do not match the needs of employers


4. Retrain for a New Job or Career

XADAT solves the problems with a retraining program for a new job or career, for the following reasons:

  • Receiving—or eligible to receive—unemployment benefits.
  • Have exhausted unemployment benefits within the past four years.
  • Formerly self-employed and currently unemployed due to general economic conditions.
  • Unemployed veteran discharged within the past four years.
  • Upgrade your skills to remain employed in your current job.

5. Services

  • Tuition assistance, books, and fees for those who qualify.
  • Education & Training in Big Business Intelligence Tools.
  • Job search assistance and job placement  

Job oppertunities after this course

This student will be ready to start at top 500 companies that use SAP ERP system, for example: Philips, Shell, Heineken, ASML, DSM, Nike, Adidas.


  • Assist customers with analyzing complex data sets, and developing prototypes and production systems to
  • help find trends and patterns in data, present results in meaningful visualizations
  • assist customers in understanding their data and information needs.



After to follow full business caourse at XADAT the student can expect a sallary in the range of 18.000- 22.000 euro as starter as Junior position after 3-5 years you can expect regarding current market between 30.000-70.000 euro.

6. Get Started

For questions you can contact one of  our training coordinators at coordinator at XADAT.

Course overview


  • Exam: <  >
  • Portolio Assignment: < > .
  • Homework need to be published on XADAT.COM in the respective week. It is


not allowed to publish a blog post week(s) in advance.

Book (s):

Reading materials will be posted on



Video material will be posted on



Reading materials will be posted on


Test: Exam and individual assignment

Book(s): Reading materials will be posted on Sharepoint


Test(s): Exam and individual assignment

Weight: 50% exam, 50% assignment


XADAT  leader in the field of BI training and BI consultancy. We are specialized in Business Intelligence, and provide training in SAP and Tableau software. The quality of our training and the strong network we provide for will not only expand your knowledge of the field for the time being; the training is aimed at securing you the knowledge needed in your career for many years to come.

What is ERP system

ERP system is a system which supports process or business activities in a organization, so the organization would like to manage the daily business activities, below are some examples


Departement Module/ the name of the system activities/transaction/mutation
Sales Custmer relationship managemet a(CRM) client support & complaints sales orders & offers, marketing campaign, social media campaign
Financial financail management/ accounting & control(FICO) managing the accouting such as invoice,shipping costs and orders order data, invoice data
HR Human resource management (HR/HCM) managing the HR department  such as hour registering,illness, payment and other benefits( company car, pension) and contract ect. personal data, payment slip, hour registration, illness data, employment contract data, company car data
Logistics/supply chain / Manufacturing/Production SCM Logistics planing and management shipping data/ orders



Business Intelligence tools provide companies reliable information and true insights in order to improve decision making & social collaboration. With business intelligence you’ll be able to produce much better company results. The BI tools provide the means for efficient reporting, thorough analysis of (big) data, statistics & analytics and dashboards displaying KPIs.

List of Business Intelligence tools


  • SAP BusinessObjects

  • Tableau Software


Assessment criteria:


The course will be assessed summative with an exam and an assignment:


  1. The examination consists of 30 multiple choice questions. The weighting for the


examination is 50% of the final grade and the minimum pass mark is 6,5 (19


correct answers are needed for a Pass). The assessment criteria for the


examination are:


  1. Knowledge and an understanding of the concepts covered in the


course (classes and reading materials) (approx. 2/3 of exam




  1. Application of concepts through analyzing and evaluating eMarketing


topics. (approx. 1/3 of exam questions)


  1. An individual assignment with a weighting of 50% weight and a 6,5 minimum


pass mark). The assessment criteria for the blog are included in appendix 2 and


will be posted on


3. Level Course Business Intelligence Tools  

Entry Level 1


4. Time line Business Intelligence Tools  

  • This course takes 3 sessions of 4 hours
  • Start date course, click “here”.
  • Every 10 weeks you can start with this course. This course will repeat after 10 weeks on same day.
  • You can start every week with one of our BI courses  


5. Learning Outcomes of the course

The purpose of this course is to understand the importance of Business Intelligence Tools in business and how it can contribute to measure the level of strategy implementation towards results of a company or institution. Students will therefore obtain a basic understanding about the critical aspects, when developing a Business Intelligence Tools & measurement system. The focus will especially be on the technique of the balanced scorecard (BSC), which combines financial and non-financial ratios to an integrated framework of strategic leadership and controlling.


Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)

The transfer of knowledge is a combination of face-to-face interaction (presentation of the basics in Business Intelligence Tools) and self-study approach (students have to submit three assignments based on study of selected literature).


7. Prerequisites and co-requisites  

ERP for beginners


8. Recommended optional programme components  

Not applicable


9. Mandatory Source and Literature

  • XADAT Workbook Business Intelligence Tools 6-2016
  • Managing Business Performance


Course structure Business Intelligence Tools


Session Subject Compulsor y reading Tutorial


4. Assessment and evaluation


E-Marketing principles will have two assessments:


• An exam in week 9. The weighting of the exam is 50% of the total grade. A


minimal passing mark of 5,5 is required. The exam consists of 30 multiple


choice questions. It is a closed book exam.


• An individual blogging assignment.

The weighting of the assignment is 50% of


the total grade. The assignment is presented in appendix 1. The assessment


criteria are presented in appendix, which will be posted on Sharepoint.


You need to pass both the final assignment and the exam in order to pass the



5. Study load


Activity Hours Business Intelligence Tools


Class hours 28


Studying literature 40


Doing assignments 30


Preparing test 40


Taking test 2


Total 140



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Performance Managament at XADAT.NL


Weesperstraat 61

1018 VN Amsterdam, NL


7. Price Course 

1200 euro, excluded VAT


7. Timeline

This course takes 4 sessions. 1 session is 4 hours


Open course start:





Monday or Thursdag every month



Problem 1:

Demand for data experts to double by 2017


@NeelieKroesEU said “Data is the motor and foundation of the future economy. Every kind of organisation needs the building blocks to boost their performance, from farm to factory, from the lab to the shop floor.”


European Commission and data industry launch €2.5 billion partnership to master big data

The European Commission and Europe’s data industry have committed to invest €2.5 billion in a public-private partnership (PPP) that aims to strengthen the data sector and put Europe at the forefront of the global data race.


Mastering big data could mean:

    • up to 30% of the global data market for European suppliers;


  • 100,000 new data-related jobs in Europe by 2020;


  • 10% lower energy consumption, better health-care outcomes and more productive industrial machinery.


Source: European Commision


Problem 2:

Unemployment rate in the EU zone area: 11.5%


Unemployment in many European countries has risen sharply due to the credit crunch and global recession. The worst hit countries include Spain (ES) and Greece (EL), who both have unemployment rates of over 24%. In the past few months, there has been a slight reduction in European unemployment, but, the prolonged period of mass unemployment is leaving significant social and economic problems for the whole Eurozone.

  • Unemployment rate in the Eurozone area: 11.5% (July 2014)
  • EU-28 Unemployment is slightly lower at 10.2% (July 2014)
  • Total unemployment in the EU-28 is 24.850 million (July 2014)
  • The Eurozone  (EA-18) jobless total is now 18.409 million. (link) The highest since records began.
  • Youth unemployment rates in the EU 27 is 21.8% (July 2014)
  • The lowest unemployment rates are in Austria (4.9 %) and Germany (4.9 %). The highest rates are in Greece (27.2 % in January 2014) and Spain (24.5 %).
  • By comparison, unemployment in Japan is 3.6%, and in US 6.8%. UK unemployment is 6.5%
  • Eurostat unemployment figures


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