Business Intelligence Specialist
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Business Intelligence Specialist

What is the place of a business intelligence specialist in the current job market?

The rise of SAP technologies, and the fact that there are probably more than a hundred of their competitors can only mean one thing – what Business intelligence tools provide is invaluable for the enterprise, and demand is only likely to go upwards for the foreseeable future12


Speaking of business intelligence specialists, with all this introduction it is no surprise that they are greatly valued in the modern job market. Xadat provides not only the chance for companies to hire full and part time professionals, but also the irresistible opportunity for university and college students, as well as recent graduates and overall people with various levels of experience to get a lucrative job in this field. 

Business Intelligence Specialist

Business Intelligence Specialist

How can a company find and hire the best business intelligence specialists for their specific needs?

Typically, there are three ways to approach this challenge. Let us first define them and then dive into the pros and cons of all of them:

  • Publish an open offer for a business intelligence specialist vacancy
  • Contact a professional recruiter and outsource the talent hunt
  • Find a company that has specialists to offer.


What are the pros and cons of publishing an open offer?

Typically this can bring the biggest amount of candidates to choose from. This can be both a good and a bad thing.

While the variety is greater, this is usually due to the fact that less restrictions are imposed on candidates. The cost of all the resulting interviews can be significant, since current specialists will need to spend time on them. However it has happened that people with unconventional CV-s that would be filtered by a recruiter would make a good employee – it does not happen often but it is possible, making your decision on what approach to take somewhat harder.



What are the pros and cons of using a professional recruiter?

The pros are obvious – no time wasted and despite the fact that this investment is the easiest to see as costly money-wise, it is typically cheaper than an open offer due to the lack of time wasted.

However there is a major disadvantage, especially compared to hiring contractors from an established company – often times recruiters find specialists for multiple positions so they cannot focus on the actual requirements and do not have the capacity to make the perfect choice. They will find the person with the best credentials for you, but credentials do not necessarily mean qualities, and this is where open offers and especially contracting really shine.


What are the pros and cons of using business intelligence specialist contractors?

As mentioned above, using companies such as M Mobile solutions to find you the perfect employee is a way to work around the lack of a contractor’s technical knowledge. It really is the best of both worlds.

You get to not waste time recruiting and find a quality professional immediately. And at the same time, this professional has been chosen by people with the technical knowledge and experience to know what is best for you. 

What are the credentials of an Xadat contractor?

 As a short summary, you would probably be delighted to know that our business intelligence specialists have  experience with SAP ERP software implementations, Business intelligence implementations and outsourcing projects to India.

The vast array of technical expertise is too high to be enlisted here, but you can expect no holes in it – our business intelligence specialists are well versed in various database skills, OLAP, project management, data warehousing, business intelligence foundational skills and many, many more.

They are also specialists of multiple agile practices such as scrum and kanban, and have not only the knowledge to follow them, but also the experience in introducing them to companies, thus vastly increasing productivity and contributing to revenue spikes.

Business Intelligence Specialist

Business Intelligence Specialist




Mondy Holten, SAP BI Consultant


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