Business Intelligence Programma Manage
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business intelligence program manager

Hire business intelligence program manager at XADAT.NL

What is business intelligence program manager?

Before we actually start, first thing we should explain is what is business intelligence program manager in the first place.

business intelligence program manager

business intelligence program manager

Main activities of business intelligence program manager

The main purpose of business intelligence program manager is to identify and also to translate market opportunities into actions and recommendations in order to be able to achieve revenue targets for companies, teams and even individuals.

Its purpose is also to support Sales and Marketing departments in their finding of new ways how will they attract new customers while maximizing value of each existing customer and also to be able to retain customers, which are the most profitable.

High quality business intelligence program manager are here to help their clients, because clients will need to organize their scope, timeline and resources for Business Intelligence initiatives. Managers are sort of ‘architects’ of Business Intelligence solutions, aiming to achieve client’s business objects, to create and to implement a road-map for Business Intelligence solutions and to implement current BI projects.

In addition, business intelligence program manager will ensure that projects within the program will comply with the established company standards.

Business Intelligence Self Service

Business Intelligence Self Service


Xadat Connect People and Systems!

To be able to successfully and efficiently do all that we mentioned above, business intelligence program managers work cross-functionally with client’s stakeholders and IT employees in order to enable successful execution of every business intelligence program manager. Furthermore, Managers will develop an integrated plan that will include program deliverables, necessary strategic alignments, budgets, enterprise-wide impacts, milestones, possible risk, they will calculate assumptions, constraints and will make overall program investment.

But to be able to efficiently do all that is both difficult and complicated, because while Managers monitor project execution, thus enabling that all of key milestones and budget parameters are met, they also must analyze and evaluate project independencies and their overall impact on the program.

Also, business intelligence program manager mitigate risks and must solve all issues through escalation, they need to communicate program status to team members and stakeholders and also work with the business unit to secure all of the funding for every program requirements.

Essential skills and requirements are needed for one Manager to be able to do all work with maximum efficiency and we will mention them below:


SAP BO-xadat

  • Role Specific:

− Customer/market orientated

− Numerate, analytical, high attention to detail, able to prioritize

− Ability to combine strong analytical skills with business knowledge

− Excellence in planning and execution

− Results orientated

− Ability to develop and evolve long-term strategies while driving tactical


− First-rate communication skills

  • Self-Management:

− Adapts readily to change in routine

− Maintains a positive attitude

− Works effectively in pressured situations

− Comfortable in a fast paced environment

− Reliable and dependable

− Maintains productivity

− Requires minimal supervision


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Reporting Service Excel

Reporting Service Excel




Mondy Holten, SAP BI Consultant


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