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Xadat is a leading provider of BI Solutions & Big Data Analytics.

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How can XADAT.NL help you? 


Experience Business Intelligence Developer:

The Business Intelligence Developer at Xadat research and fact-finding based on applicable business systems and industry standards. With this knowledge, develops or modifies complex information systems. Analyzes business and user needs, documents requirements, and revises existing system logic difficulties as necessary. Guides and advises less-experienced Business Systems Analysts. Competent to work in some phases of systems analysis and considers the business implications of the application of technology to the current business environment.

Specific Responsibilities Business Intelligence Developer at Xadat:

  • Design Business Intelligence solutions to meet the client's business requirements
  • Design and develop Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) to support data integration needs
  • Design and develop BI environments to support reporting, analysis and visualizations requirements
  • Develop and tune database applications in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2
  • Perform administrative tasks of the BI and ETL tool Business Objects and also assist in deployment of the application code
  • Develop and execute reusable test scenarios


Qualifications Business Intelligence Developer:


    • Knowledge and expertise with relational and OLAP databases such as: Oracle, SQL Server,
    • Experience in writing and performance tuning SQL,
    • Experience in BI reporting and visualization tools such as: Business Objects, Tableau, Crystal Reports, etc
    • Experience in documenting design specifications and other related documents
    • Experience creating and executing reusable test cases
    • Track record of successfully delivering small, medium and enterprise scale solutions
    • Eagerness to learn new tools and technologies
    • Good communications skills
    • Working within a technical team, support concurrent stakeholder requests to create or enhance multiple systems interfaces
    • Work closely with line-of-business stakeholders to understand needs and specify them for developers
    • Track and communicate work status
    • Elicit & manage requirements for SAP integration with other business systems
    • Effectively use RTC, Wiki, and SharePoint repositories
    • At times, test and troubleshoot new and changed software to help resolve defects
    • Interact with geographically diverse team members and stakeholders

Skills Business Intelligence Developer

Let us first list the general core (and secondary) skills that you need to possess in order to land a job as a Business Intelligence Developer. 

  • Technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Analysis skills
  • Abstract thinking
  • Facilitation skills

Obviously there are skills that can be considered secondary, yet let us not be fooled by this term. Most of those would be a requirement every single time you go look for a job as a business analyst, too.

  • Documentation and specification skills
  • Knowledge of languages
  • Ability to clear out ambiguity
  • Ability to manage your own tasks without supervision

But wait, we started off with technical skills – can we be any more specific?


What technical skills are required if I want to become a Business Intelligence Developer?

While technical skills are always first on the list of requirements for BAs, generally they differ between companies. However regardless of specific tooling names and providers, most utilities in use would be part of a business intelligence suite – such as those in the SAP business objects toolset, and many, many more.

Whether you will be using Enterprise Architect, Visio or Caliber, Dashboard tools or anything else, there are common core skills to them. As a whole, your responsibility would be to do the following things with them:

  • Business model analysis
  • Extracting data from data warehouses and supplying it to an interested party in a crystal clear format that drives decision making
  • Design of corporate process and business workflow
  • Integration of business intelligence software with existing business models of the company you work at

And given the specifics of the tasks at hand, it is not difficult to imagine that even if you only have experience with one toolset, translating it into another would be a rather simple task.