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bi project

How to start bi project ?

bi project

bi project


What skills are required by every bi project project manager  looking for a new project?

Let us first list the general core (and secondary) skills that you need to possess in order to land a job as a business analyst. Later on, we will dive deep into each skill and investigate why every single one of them is of importance. First, the list:
  • Technical skills at bi project
  • Communication skills at bi project
  • Problem-solving skills at bi project
  • Critical thinking skills at bi project
  • Analysis skills at bi project
  • Abstract thinking at bi project
  • Facilitation skills at bi project
Obviously there are skills that can be considered secondary, yet let us not be fooled by this term. Most of those would be a requirement every single time you go look for a job as a business analyst, too.
  • Documentation and specification skills
  • Knowledge of languages at bi project
  • Ability to clear out ambiguity
  • Ability to manage your own tasks without supervision
But wait, we started off with technical skills – can we be any more specific?  

What technical skills are required if I want to become a bi project manager ?

While technical skills are always first on the list of requirements for BAs, generally they differ between companies. However regardless of specific tooling names and providers, most utilities in use would be part of a business intelligence suite – such as those in the SAP business objects toolset, and many, many more. Whether you will be using Enterprise Architect, Visio or Caliber, Dashboard tools or anything else, there are common core skills to them. As a whole, your responsibility would be to do the following things with them:
  • Business model analysis
  • Extracting data from data warehouses and supplying it to an interested party in a crystal clear format that drives decision making
  • Design of corporate process and business workflow at bi project
  • Integration of business intelligence software with existing business models of the company you work at
And given the specifics of the tasks at hand, it is not difficult to imagine that even if you only have experience with one toolset, translating it into another would be a rather simple task.  

What social and communication skills are required if I want to become a bi project manager at Xadat?

This question is somewhat hard to answer since business analysts do marginally different things in different companies. That being said, there are some common traits, qualifications and personal skills that must be present if you want to apply for such a job. BAs rarely are a in a solitary position in a company. Typically when a need for such a specialist arises, a whole team is needed – so communication skills are mandatory. This does not only translate to people at your level either. Since this role typically requires communication with people at executive positions – decision makers, you should be able to express your findings in a laconic and easily understandable fashion.   If your role as a business analysts includes a technical profile, you need to be prepared to clarify your opinion in a way that sales teams or business teams for example can also take advantage of your skills. Not to mention, walking up the corporate ladder would be rather impossible if you do not have the skills to manage and lead teams – so at one point or another you might be hard pressed to show that you have got what it takes.    

What is a good BI Project Strategy?

For every company, organization or team there is a crucial need for good BI strategy. Why? Because having good BI strategy will lead to successful business itself. Business Intelligence strategies are actually ways of establishing your own vision for your own business, which involves proper combination of technology use and many other factors, which we will try to discuss and describe each of them below.  

Appropriate C-level sponsor for bi project strategy

BI straegy implementations should not be sponsored by anyone in IT, according to Boris Evelson, who is a Forrester Research analyst. Instead of that, BI should be sponsored entirely by an executive who has bottom-line responsibility and someone who also has a broad picture of the enterprise objectives, its strategy and goals and knows how to translate the company’s goal into key performance indicators, which will support that mission.  

You should create common definitions

Why creating common definitions? Because without them BI strategy implementations cannot and will not succeed. Furthermore, lack of agreement is considered to be widespread problem in, more or less, every company today. Beside this, you should start small and choose ten to twenty key performance indicators and with them in mind, create and manage.
  1. In BI strategy Always assess the current situation
You need to analyze the current BI stack and processes, as well as organizational structures, which are surrounding current BI implementations and while doing this, both IT and business should be involved. However, even here Evelson warns that this phase is often underestimated.  

In BI strategy always create a plan for data storage

Beginning with isolated data mart means that you will save your money, because it is cheaper and faster but if you thoroughly consider this tactic, you can come to the conclusion that it means that additional silos should be created, because as data storage increases, thus it requires more space. One more thing to consider it in BI straegy that can help you is to build and maintain a physical data warehouse or to go with virtual (‘’semantic’’) layers in order to link operational systems.  

When doing BI strategy, always try to understand user needs

  Tactical, strategic and operational classes of BI strategy are considered to be broad classes. Why are they important for maintaining proper business intelligence strategies? Strategic users will make few decision, tactical users will make more decisions and while doing this, will use both aggregate and detail-level information. Operational users (so-called ‘front-line employers’) need data within their own set of applications in order to successfully execute great numbers of transactions. Understanding who does what is crucial for efficient BI strategy.  

Make a decision on whether to buy or to build the analytical data model

How can making of decision on whether to buy or to build the analytical data model be important as a part of successful business intelligence strategy? I can and it is important, because one size does not fit everything.  

What does that mean?

It means that your company many benefit from out-of-the-box, industry specific data model if you have more homogenous IT environment – such as one ERP and one CRM system. But always watch for extensibility and hierarchy flexibility, because more complex enterprises may benefit from customization and although you maybe still want to consider beginning with an industry-standard model as a template or set of guides (examples- typical facts, dimensions, etc.).  

To be able to develop a successful bi project strategy you need to consider all BI strategy components

That means that you need to consider components that will affect success of BI strategy implementations, which will include metadata, data integration, data quality, modeling, analytics, centralized metrics management, presentations (reports and dashboards), portals, collaborations, knowledge management and also master data management. You also need to be sure that you defined the architecture for all layers of the BI strategy stack, because even though they do not necessarily need to be part of BI strategy, they will surely affect the success of implementation.  

Make sure that you have chosen system integrator for bi project strategy

Successful BI strategy implementation will require certain guidance from a partner who has vast experience and knowledge about BI strategy. Evelson says that one should be prepared to spend five to seven dollars for every one dollar on the software and he also warns that one should not outsource the fine-tuning of business intelligence. This process of BI strategy will require high degree of collaboration among those users that are considered to be end users, analysts and developers.  

When doing bi project strategy always think through action and always take ‘’baby steps’’

Choose an end user, business analyst and developer in order to create a first proof of concept of BI strategy. This will usually take only a few days in order for it to be completed. After that, choose several key performance indicators and according to them make several reports. After that, you can add new releases for every several weeks.  

When starting bi project strategy, choose ‘low-hanging fruit’ to start with

It is recommended that it is the best to choose high-value components, which are simple to begin with when doing BI strategy. For example, sales analytics data mart may also present targets that are of high value and targets, which also have plenty of already existing models and thus best practices.  

What about owning an Online Backup Service? Is this good BI strategy?

It is well known that, in order to create good BI strategy, many companies spend huge amounts of money (thousands to even millions of dollars) in order to gather different types of data, regarding their products, customers and their employees. Many of this ‘raw’ information can also be mined in order to produce analytics that can be usable in order to support and to enhance business decisions. This is why securing this type of data is vital. But it is important to note that it is not such a good idea to save together all general and confidential business records on one single server, because one simple mistake, one accident or crash of server can wipe out all this data. These cases are, unfortunately not so rare and when something like this happens it is very difficult to retrieve all of the lost information. Thus, if the company does not have any kind of data storage backup, business of that company will collapse. That is why there is a perfect Business Intelligence strategy for this and it includes an online backup system in order to secure all of the company’s files and records.  

Such type of online storage is cloud.

Cloud storage is relatively old concept but it is improved by the new technologies. How does it work? It functions the way that it runs applications and at the same time, it stores files and data through a third-party provider, while sharing all of the resources in order to maximize the efficiency of the entire network.  

What does bi project means for a company?

It means security, because that way the company does not have to worry about losing all of the important data due to some unfortunate events. Cloud can also keep information and all data safe just by doing regular and automatic backups, which simplifies the entire process of backing up the entire data components. It is also beneficial for users because by using an online backup services will allow its users to change everything they wish to change, update, backup and/or adapt.        

Start Your BI project at XADAT.NL 

shopping18Brainstorm session bi project
data31Inventarisation Current BI systems /ERP/  reports systems
right67Design BI Roadmap at bi project
report1Inventarisation current performance reports at bi project
table28BI Tool software selection at bi project
two174Share and train BI trends at bi project
user227Design reports at bi project
cogwheel28Creating reports at bi project
house219Mainting reports at bi project

General Experience Business Intelligence Developer:

BI Project Manager at Xadat research and fact-finding based on applicable business systems and industry standards. With this knowledge, develops or modifies complex information systems. Analyzes business and user needs, documents requirements, and revises existing system logic difficulties as necessary. Guides and advises less-experienced Business Systems Analysts. Competent to work in some phases of systems analysis and considers the business implications of the application of technology to the current business environmentat bi project.  

Specific Responsibilities Business Intelligence Developer at Xadat:

  • Design Business Intelligence solutions to meet the client's business requirements at bi project
  • Design and develop Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) to support data integration needs
  • Design and develop BI environments to support reporting, analysis and visualizations requirements
  • Develop and tune database applications in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 at bi project
  • Perform administrative tasks of the BI and ETL tool Business Objects and also assist in deployment of the application code at bi project
  • Develop and execute reusable test scenarios at bi project

Qualifications Business Intelligence Developer:

    • Knowledge and expertise with relational and OLAP databases such as: Oracle, SQL Server,
    • Experience in writing and performance tuning SQL at bi project
    • Experience in BI reporting and visualization tools such as: Business Objects, Tableau, Crystal Reports at bi project
    • Experience in documenting design specifications and other related documents
    • Experience creating and executing reusable test cases at bi project
    • Track record of successfully delivering small, medium and enterprise scale solutions
    • Eagerness to learn new tools and technologies at bi project
    • Good communications skills at bi project
    • Working within a technical team, support concurrent stakeholder requests to create or enhance multiple systems interfaces
    • Work closely with line-of-business stakeholders to understand needs and specify them for developers at bi project
    • Track and communicate work status
    • Elicit & manage requirements for SAP integration with other business systems
    • Effectively use RTC, Wiki, and SharePoint repositories at bi project
    • At times, test and troubleshoot new and changed software to help resolve defects
    • Interact with geographically diverse team members and stakeholders


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