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Amsterdam | Business Management Courses 3 | Business Intelligence Tools

XADAT leader in the field of BI training and BI consultancy. We are specialized in Business Intelligence, and provide training in SAP and Tableau software. The quality of our training and the strong network we provide for will not only expand your knowledge of the field for the time being; the training is aimed at securing you the knowledge needed in your career for many years to come.

Business intelligence tools Amterdam London

The purpose of this course is to understand the importance of Business Intelligence Tools in business and how it can contribute to measure the level of strategy implementation towards results of a company or institution. Students will therefore obtain a basic understanding about the critical aspects, when developing a Business Intelligence Tools & measurement system


Business Intelligence tools provide companies reliable information and true insights in order to improve decision making & social collaboration. With business intelligence you’ll be able to produce much better company results. The BI tools provide the means for efficient reporting, thorough analysis of (big) data, statistics & analytics and dashboards displaying KPIs.