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4-CASE STUDIES thesocialhubcoworkingamsterdamcity-c-r-5-persons-kvk-reg-84284560-28-10-2015

Mothers, Fathers, brothers and sisters want to share our experiences with you. Discover the way our lawyers work by browsing our case studies.

  1. A doctor dismissed for “serious misconduct” A doctor is a partner and administrator in a medical non-profit organization with other doctors. As usual, this doctor goes to his office to see his patients. Against all odds, he finds that he can no longer open the cabinet door because the locks have been changed without his knowledge.
  2. A scale demands overtime after his dismissal icon A scale was employed by a large Brussels brewery for more than twenty years. Following his dismissal, he claims from his employer the payment of more than five thousand additional hours that he would have worked during the entire duration of his employment, the amount of which exceeds 80,000.00 EUR.
  3. The right of retention on the vehicle of a diplomat The private vehicle of an ambassador accredited to Belgium breaks down and is handed over to a specialized firm for repair. The firm then sends the ambassador an invoice, which is disputed. The garage opposes the return of the vehicle as long as its invoice has not been paid. The

4. The employer and his agent in social criminal law During a social control carried out within a chain of restaurants, a consultant, under independent status, is arrested by the police in possession of the employment contracts of the company’s staff. The latter is prosecuted before the Criminal Court for the following charges: Employment of foreign workers without a residence